Now Write! series creator and editor Sherry Ellis passed away in March, 2011. Please direct all inquiries to: Laurie Lamson.

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Now Write! Fiction
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Now Write! Nonfiction available at:
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Now Write! Screenwriting
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Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
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Now Write! Mysteries available at:
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Books by the Now Write! Editors:

Illuminating Fiction
Sherry Ellis’s beautiful compilation
of interview with top fiction authors.
Available at Barnes & Noble
and Amazon.
Witch Littles cover
Witch Littles: Magic in the Garden
 Laurie Lamson’s law of attraction
magic realism book for witches
aged 6 to 600. Available from
JaZzyMaE Media and on Amazon.
Inner Yoga: 23 Simple Self-Care Tools
for Peace, Healing, and Authentic Empowerment

Laurie’s book of easy-to-use
self-empowering exercises.
Available on Amazon.
Quest For Peace Cover
The Quest For Peace
Laurie’s metaphysical short story
Kindle book available on Amazon.