What is an Anthology?

An anthology is a collection of essays or stories written by a group of people on a specific topic. A nonfiction anthology is often a showcase for multiple contributors’ knowledge and expertise. It can deliver more value to a reader than a work from a single author, while requiring a lot less effort from a contributor than creating an entire book of their own.

Authentic storytelling is the primary avenue for today’s businesses and entrepreneurs to distinguish themselves in the marketplace.

The easiest way for people to get their influence and authority out there is by authoring a book. Yet writing an entire book can also be their toughest hurdle.

When business owners and subject experts share personal stories that incorporate their passion and mission, as well as hard-earned lessons and secrets of success – in their own words – they can extend awareness, expand customer base, increase brand loyalty, and inspire the reader to tap their own greatness. Sharing their story within a larger work on the topic also helps establish the contributor’s credibility as an authority in their field.

An anthology can spotlight each contributor as an individual, their entrepreneurial journey, their expertise, their philosophy and approach… what sets them apart. It requires a lot less effort than writing an entire book on their own. And by covering a range of knowledge and points of view on a topic or area or expertise, an anthology can even become a definitive text on the subject.

The benefits of participating in an anthology extend far beyond vanity or prestige.

Publication can be a newsworthy event and celebration. The book can be used as an educational tool for employees while increasing their pride of purpose. It can be offered as a generous promotional gift to clients or potential clients. Contributors can leverage their participation – such as getting invited on podcasts, radio and TV shows – and utilize the book as a publicity tool for giveaways or contests.

Laurie Lamson (the “Anthology Lady”) and Paul Barry (the “Possibilitarian”)

Laurie and Paul have combined forces to share the power of the anthology with business people. We’re offering the opportunity to easily become an author and build relationships with peers by inviting them to contribute.

Paul is a master at helping clients grow their businesses – as he helps them expand how they see themselves, and all they have to offer. Laurie is an expert at bringing written material to its full potential, and organizing many voices “under one roof.” 

Together they can help create an anthology that not only showcases a client’s expertise, but also empowers others in their field, while connecting them in an impactful way with an expanding audience.

More about Laurie Lamson, the “Anthology Lady”

Laurie helps corporations, government organizations and individuals communicate clearly, concisely, creatively… and inclusively. She develops dramatic and true stories, translates complex material into concise, accurate content, and handles sensitive topics with compassion. Over 110 produced film, video and audio scripts including an Emmy-nomination, multiple awards, and international acclaim.

Laurie supports fellow writers with consulting, workshops, and book editing. She wasco-Author/Editor of Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Mysteries, and sole Author/Editor of Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Laurie is working on a book for actors inspired by the Now Write! series, and recently produced a groundbreaking audio anthology/scripted podcast series, Anti-Heroine.

More about Paul Barry, the “Possibilitarian”

Paul is a coach, consultant and connector. Using the principles of transformation discovered in his 20+ years as a writer, actor, director, and coach for stage and screen, Paul helps purpose-driven coaches, consultants and thought-leaders grow their influence, authority, engagement, and reach they need in order to create greater impact and fulfill their missions of elevating the world in a positive and meaningful way.

With more than 20 years of training 5,000+ students from around the world in film, TV and corporate communications, Paul helps thought-leaders, game-changers and paradigm-shifters define, refine and sometimes entirely reframe their messaging, offer, or systems, in order to scale their influence, authority and impact in the world. 

Paul’s website: Dreaming for a Living