Meet the master practitioners of memoir, journalism and creative nonfiction who contributed exercises to Now Write! Nonfiction.


Paul Lisicky is the author of Lawnboy and Famous Builder.  He’s taught in the graduate writing programs at Cornell, Sarah Lawrence, Fairfield, and Antioch Los Angeles.  He currently teaches at NYU and in the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark.  He has two books forthcoming: The Burning House (novel, 2011) and Unbuilt Projects (short prose pieces, 2012.) Download his exercise: On Propriety, Or The Fear Of Looking Foolish.

Malina Saval was formerly Features Editor at Variety, where she covered film, TV, music and theater. She’s won two LA Press Club awards and is a board member of the LA Press Club. Saval wrote screenplays for Touchstone Pictures and Walt Disney Films. Her book,The Secret Lives of Boys: Inside the Raw Emotional World of Male Teens was published in 2009 and she has appeared as a guest on such programs as NPR’s “Talk of the Nation,” CBS Radio and the “Patt Morrison” show. Download her exercise: Permission to Eavesdrop.

All Contributors – with site links if available:

Marilyn Abildskov

Dianne Aprile

Reza Aslan

Robert Atwan Amazon page

Lynne Barrett

Jocelyn Bartkevicus

Ishmael Beah

Madeline Blais Wiki page

Jenny Boully

Gwendolyn Bounds

Neal Bowers

Barrie Jean Borich

Janet Burroway

Joy Castro

Leah Hager Cohen

Kathryn Deputat Love’s Freeway

Bruce Dobler Wiki page

Samantha Dunn

Hope  Edelman

Rebecca Blevens Faery

Celeste Fremon

Philip Gerard

Denise Gess

David Gessner

Cecile Goding

Philip Graham 

Lee Gutkind

Robin Hemley

Christine Hemp

Marcie Hershman

Richard Hoffman

Barbara Hurd

Jay Kirk

Judith Kitchen

Carl Klaus  Amazon page

Lisa Knopp

Sydney Lea

Gretchen Legler 

Leslie Lehr

Robert Leleux

Paul Lisicky

Tom Lutz Wiki page

Eric Maisel

Carole Maso Wiki page

John Matteson Wiki page

Tilar Mazzeo

Shara McCallum Amazon page

Rebecca McClanahan

Fritz McDonald

Michael McGregor

Christopher Merrill

Brenda Miller

Dinty Moore

Honor Moore

Maureen Murdock

Daniel Nester

Lia Purpura

Hilda Raz

Kathryn Rhett

Robert Root

Malina Saval at Variety

Brandon Schrand

Mimi Schwartz

Sandra Scofield

Mary Kay Shanley

Suzanne Strempek Shea

Ashley Shelby

Sue Silverman

Natalia Rachel Singer

Myra Sklarew Wiki page

Kathleen Spivack

Michael Steinberg

Reine Steinke Wiki page

Laurie Stone

Ned Stuckey-French

Ira Sukrungruang

Gay Talese official site on Penguin Random House

Susan Tiberghien

Thrity Umrigar

David Vann

Kathryn Watterson

Sandy Wisenberg

Ira Wood

Xu Xi

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