Meet the amazing line-up of authors who contributed exercises to Now Write! Mysteries


A retired Near Eastern archaeologist, Aileen G. Baron is the author of the Lily Sampson series, set in the Middle East featuring archeologist Lily Sampson. The series includes A Fly Has a Hundred Eyes, The Torch of Tangier, and The Scorpion’s Bite. The Gold of Thrace is the first book in her contemporary series about the intrigue and deceit in the antiquities trade.  Download her exercise: Plausibility.
Deborah Coonts has been a storyteller from an early age—something that used to get her in trouble. She authored Wanna Get Lucky? a New York Times Notable Book for 2010. The sequel, Lucky Stiff, came out in 2011, with So Damn Lucky to follow. Download her exercise: The Offbeat Protagonist.
Gerard Bianco is an award-winning author of the mystery/thriller The Deal Master. The marketing techniques he developed to promote his novel were featured in Carol Hoenig’s book, The Author’s Guide to Planning Book Events. He is writing his second book, Poor Choices—a group of short stories, poetry, and two plays. Download his exercise: Planting a Seed.

All contributors with site links:

Lou Allin 

Emily Arsenault 

Deborah Turrell Atkinson 

Frankie Y. Bailey  

Aileen G. Baron           Aileen on Goodreads

James Scott Bell

Gerard F. Bianco 

Juliet Blackwell 

Jon P. Bloch 

Rhys Bowen 

Rachel Brady 

Simon Brett 

Jan Brogan 

Graham Brown 

Robert Browne 

Andrea Campbell 

Rebecca Cantrell 

Lorenzo Carcaterra 

Thomas B. Cavanagh 

Henry Chang 

Philip Cioffari 

Jane K. Cleland 

Reed Farrel Coleman 

Sheila Connolly 

Deborah Coonts 

Douglas Corleone 

Bill Crider 

Bruce DeSilva 

Matthew Dicks 

Sean Doolittle 

Wayne D. Dundee

Peggy Ehrhart 

Hallie Ephron 

Brian Evenson 

Kate Flora 

Jack Fredrickson 

David Fulmer 

Meg Gardiner 

Kathleen George 

Kate M. George 

Sophie Hannah 

Karen Harper 

Gar Anthony Hayward 

Lynne Heitman 

Vicki Hendricks 

Reece Hirsch 

Roberta Islieb 

Peter James 

Chris Knopf 

Harley Jane Kozak 

William Kent Krueger 

Ken Kuhlken 

Will Lavender 

Robert S. Levinson 

Stephen Liskow 

Sophie Littlefield 

John Lutz 

Doc Macomber 

Tim Maleeny 

G.M. Malliet 

Christopher Moore

Jim Napier 

Diana Orgain 

Katherine Hall Page 

Louise Penny  

Henry Perez           Amazon page

Twist Phelan 

M. William Phelps 

Cathy Pickens 

Stephen D. Rogers 

Stephen Jay Schwartz 

Michael Sears 

Kelli Stanley 

Valerie Storey 

Andy Straka 

Marcia Talley 

Jaden Terrell 

James Thompson 

Stanley Trollip 

Judith Van Gieson 

John Westermann 

Sharon Wildwind 

Michael Wiley 

Kenneth Wisnia

Nancy Means Wright

Elizabeth Zelvin

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