Meet Laurie Lamson

respected writing professional, seasoned book editor, multi-award-winning screenwriter, honest and compassionate writing consultant

I watched in awe as my aunt, Sherry Ellis, originated the Now Write! series with two books of fantastic writing exercises: Now Write! and Now Write! Nonfiction.

When I suggested her next book be about screenwriting she invited me to come on as co-editor of Now Write! Screenwriting. I was pleased to help put it together.

First got interested in screenwriting as a film student at NYU.  To date I’ve written about 110 produced film, video and audio scripts for education, entertainment and marketing. Many of the projects have earned multiple honors, included short films I directed, a feature film I wrote and a spec screenplay (visit JaZzyMaE Media for more info.)

Laurie with Jack Ketchum at their event for Center for Fiction in NYC.

For four years, I was pleased to host International Screenwriters’ Association’s free teleconferences. Many of the guests were contributors to Now Write! Screenwriting. 

When my Aunt Sherry passed away in 2011, I took over editing Now Write! MysteriesI then took on the task of putting together Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror on my own.

I’ve had the opportunity to educate and inspire countless writers, and edit many books. So if you need more writing help and support than the Now Write! books can provide, check out my professional consulting & editing services.

I’m working on a similar book for actors, and my latest anthology is scripted audio: ANTI-HEROINE.

“Laurie is an excellent editor and a pleasure to do business with. Supportive and completely professional.”– Colleen McGuinness (TV writer/producer and Now Write! Screenwriting contributor)

Joey Pinkney’s 5 Questions with Laurie Lamson.

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