GET PUBLISHED Podcast and Book

Get Published is a 5-star podcast about the business of writing and getting published – a valuable resource for authors. Explore all the episodes here.

The host and creator of Get Published is Paul G. Brodie, a 13-times bestselling author.

For the podcast, Paul interviewed me about the Now Write! books and especially putting on panels at writing conferences. Link directly to my interview.

I was honored to also be included in his new compilation book: Get Published Business Book: 75 Stories About Why Getting Published Will Change Your LIfe Both Personally and Professionally

The Kindle version is available for free through this Friday, August 2 so grab it this week.

My chapter is called “Following My Heart Took Me Out Of My Comfort Zone” in which I talk about working on the Now Write! books and where they lead me. I hope you will enjoy it. – Laurie Lamson

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