Christine Conradt: A Screenwriter’s Directorial Debut

Two-Time Now Write! Contributor: Christine Conradt

ChristineConradtChristine Conradt is a Nebraska native living and working in the greater Los Angeles area.  She’s a seasoned screenwriter and producer, the “Queen of Lifetime,” best known for BETRAYED AT 17 (2011), A NANNY’S REVENGE (2012), SUMMER MOON (2009) and THE PERFECT TEACHER (2010.)
With nearly 50 produced writing credits, Christine received her Bachelor’s degree in Screenwriting from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.
Intent on elevating the crime thrillers she was becoming known for, Christine went back to grad school to receive a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University, where she focused on cybercrime and juvenile delinquency.

“One of the things I really found interesting in my criminology studies was this notion that the anonymity of the Internet has created both crimes and criminals that never previously existed. Because people can hide behind a screenname, they say and do things online that they never would do in person. For some, the advent of the Internet meant the freedom to do things without the consequences you’d expect to face if you did them in the real world.”

THE BRIDE HE BOUGHT ONLINE Tackles Cyberbullying in a Unique Way

The Bride He Bought OnlineBased on her own spec script, THE BRIDE HE BOUGHT ONLINE is Christine’s directorial debut, set to premiere on Lifetime Network on July 18, 2015 (click Lifetime link for more info and full airing dates).  The film was produced by Reel One Entertainment in association with Shadowland.
Not all TV movies have a message and the ones that do all too often come off as poorly-veiled preach-fests intent on instructing us on how to live our lives. But THE BRIDE HE BOUGHT ONLINE tackles a very topical issue in a refreshingly unique way. The film makes a serious comment on cyberbullying in a high-intensity, surprisingly dark thriller.
Starring Anne Winters, Lauren Gaw, and Annalisa Cochrane, the story follows three teens who create a fake profile on an international dating site to gather fodder for their increasingly popular joke blog. They soon engage in conversation with a lonely, unstable computer programmer named John Bennett (played by Travis Hammer) and the prank evolves from a phishing scheme into all-out cyberbullying. Although the theme of online anonymity cleverly crops up in multiple storylines, it never comes off as exhortative.
Writer/Director Christine Conradt with Cinematographer Roberto Schein. Photo by Charles Christopher.
“The empowerment the girls feel from gaining online followers who encourage them to continuously top their last prank, their inability to empathize with a nameless victim, and even John’s belief that he’s in love with a girl he’s never met in person, but trusts he knows intimately from their online chats, all illustrate different dangers of abdicating personal accountability online,” Conradt explains. “Some people see the Internet as a scary place trolled by predators, but sometimes the creepy ones aren’t who we think they are and we all have the ability to become predators if we want.”

Christine Shares Her Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Christine contributed two highly usable exercises to the Now Write! series: “The Scene That Doesn’t Exist” can be found in Now Write! Screenwriting and “The Eleven Tenets of Fear” is in Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror.

Live webinar July 28, 2015.
She has also created three educational products for the Writer’s Store: Creating Strong Female Characters, Writing and Selling a TV Movie, and her upcoming live webinar on July 28Adding Suspense to Your Screenplays.



Comic-Con 2015 with The Winner Twins and David Brin

Supermanincrowd-sm crop

Comic-Con is a trip!

LL winner twins and david brin-sm
Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributors Brianna and Brittany Winner, David Brin and editor Laurie Lamson
I first attended Comic-Con 2 years ago to link up with Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributors: Michael Dillon Scott was on a wonderful panel about writing fantasy, the Winner Twins have their own booth and each contributed their own exercise.  That’s where I also met Ben Thompson who contributed the wonderful piece, “Diabolic Evil for Beginners” (in the High Stakes and Terror chapter.)
This year I was back for several days instead of just one afternoon and it was a trip!  The place was full of heroes, baddies and everything in between – see some pics below.  I got to see a hilarious Seth McFarlane panel and some previews of cool new shows Blindspot, Scream Queens, and The Expanse.

Winnertwinshold book sm

The Amazing Winner Twins

The Winner Twins (Brittany and Brianna) have been writing since they were 12.  They felt resigned to a disappointing life because of dyslexia, but their father encouraged them to start writing, telling them they could do anything if they made up their minds to it.   Now aged 20, they are extremely poised bestselling authors and teachers with a sincere desire to pass on their father’s encouragement to fellow writers.

Winner Twins panel with David Brin smComic-Con Writers’ Panel

The Winner Twins hosted a terrific panel on “How To Create Your Novel” with legendary actor and bestselling author Richard Hatch, bestselling author, humanitarian and fellow anthologist Steve-Elliot Altman, Writers of the Future‘s John Goodwin and multi-award-winning bestselling author David Brin.  All these illustrious speakers had inspiring and helpful things to say, such as Steve-Elliot referring to the writing flow versus editing:

“You don’t clean up while you’re in the middle of vomiting…”