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Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Mysteries co-editor Laurie Lamson has been moderating teleconferences for the International Screenwriters’ Association for the last 7 months.  These are wonderful conversations with a lot of food for thought both for screenwriters and authors in general.

(NOTE: Laurie was telecom host moderator from 2012-2016. These recordings are no longer available on the ISA website.)

William-AkersWill Akers is the author of Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways To Make It Great and a contributor to Now Write! Screenwriting. He’s had many writing assignments from producers taught screenwriting at Vanderbilt University for 19 years and is now Chair of the Program in Motion Pictures at Belmont University.  We had a very informative conversation about rewriting your script.
Adam Levenberg has worked as a development exec and shoots straight from the hip about the easiest way to break into the movie industry as a screenwriter – with a starter screenplay.  His candid advice is also available in a wonderful book The Starter Screenplay: An Executive’s Perspective On Screenwriting
Jeffrey Gordon, the founder of the Writer’s Bootcamp, has developed lots of tools for writers.  We had a deep conversation and he also gave some tremendous advice to people on the call.
Jacob Krueger was a wonderful guest with fantastic advice and encouragement about your creative flow and the essential drafts to take yourself through – starting from the ‘me’ draft where he encourages an unfettered outpouring without regard for structure.
Another of ISA’s guest speakers was a Now Write! Screenwriting contributor – Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein.  We had a lively discussion about different ways to tap into the spiritual essence of your story and evaluate your own work for a deeper and more meaningful and focused rewrite. (Also a contributor to the upcoming Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror.)
Candace Kearns Read
What a lovely speaker!  Her background is as a story analyst for top agencies where she read scripts for some of the biggest movie stars. Her especial interest is true stories and she wrote a book called Shaping True Story Into Screenplay.

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