Now Write!  sample exercises

The Interview by Lauren Grodstein (download now)
Birth of a Story in an Hour or Less by Crystal Wilkinson (download now)
Seven Drafts in Seven Days by Porter Shreve (download now)
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Now Write! Nonfiction sample exercises

On Propriety, Or The Fear Of Looking Foolish
by Paul Lisicky (download now)
Permission to Eavesdrop by Malina Saval (download now)
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Now Write! Screenwriting  sample exercises

The Almighty Verb by Beth Serlin (download now)
Non-Verbal Communication by Andrew Osborne (download now)
Write Cinematic Scenes by Stephen V. Duncan (download now)
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Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror sample exercises

When the World Turns to Shit, Why Should I Care? Character Arc in Dystopian Stories by Raymond Obstfeld (download now)
Surprise in the 24th Century by Scott Rubenstein (download now)
Make it Real by J. Michelle Newman (download now)
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Now Write! Mysteries sample exercises

Plausibility by Aileen G. Baron (download now).
The Offbeat Protagonist by Deborah Coonts (download now).
Planting A Seed by Gerard Bianco (download now).
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