Soulful Screenwriting Series 2023

In-Person Workshops – and one Zoom meeting


Soulful Screenwriting helps you explore the soul of a screenplay, and yourself as a writer. This is an empowering interactive workshop, where we explore key dramatic narrative storytelling principles, as well as common pitfalls to avoid for a more effective screenplay.
Soulful Screenwriting is not just for screenwriters. Much of what we discuss applies to other forms of dramatic narrative, such as a play or modern novel.
Soulful Screenwriting workshops focus on specific topics, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to attend – or do the whole series at a discount.
Bring a notebook! The series includes in-class writing exercises culled from several of the Now Write! books to help you get out of your own way, get creative juices flowing, and benefit your stories – whether a rewrite or starting from scratch.
Each Soulful Screenwriting meeting begins with a brief guided meditation.



Select Wednesday Evenings, August 30 – January 10, 2024, 5:30-7:00pm

August 30: Class #1 / Conflict, Stakes & Dilemmas
Key ingredients for a dramatic narrative.
September 13: Free Zoom session / deep dive into the Coming-Of-Age genre
Sociological, psychological, and thematic elements that will deepen your understanding and spark your imagination about using the Coming-of-Age genre to add emotional depth and resonance to your story. Learn more here. You can sign up for the free session only on Eventbrite.
September 20: Class #2 / Character Development, Part 1
What is a character (and what it is not), protagonist & antagonist character development.
October 11: Class #3 / Character Development, Part 2 + Thematics
Weaknesses & blindspots and theme & metaphor. 
October 25: Extra Session for Halloween – Spec Genre & Steampunk
Overview of genres, magic rules and create an otherworldly antagonist or monster.
November 8: Class #4 / Goal vs Desire and A Master Plan
Tangible goal, intangible desire and the A-story or drive in a dramatic narrative.
December 6: Class #5 / “Happy” Endings and More
Four different types of endings.
January 10: Class #6 / Scenes & Dialogue, and Nonverbal Communication
An intro/exploration into dramatic and cinematic scene writing.



Regular Series: $250 (*11% off* per Individual Workshop)
Any Individual Workshop: $35.20 each (*12% off* until October 25), then $40. (Please identify which session/s you would like to attend)
Eventbrite link to sign up, or save on Eventbrite fee by signing up through Venmo: Laurie-Lamson



“Your exercises have proven very helpful! It’s a good reminder to me, to keep taking workshops because there will always be new ways of looking at things. Thanks so much for a beneficial and thought-provoking workshop.” – Lise Pyles, award-winning screenwriter and co-founder of San Antonio Screenwriters’ Guild (two-time attendee)
“I enjoyed the workshops; they helped me figure out some basic plot points for my next screenplay.”– Patty Sandoval Sralla, screenwriter, top 10 percent in many notable screenwriting contests, co-founder San Antonio Screenwriters’ Guild, rock singer
“Had a blast! Very valuable information.” – James Beene, writer, entrepreneur (two-time attendee)
“I really enjoyed your class – and it also helped me from an actor’s perspective, because as you know, we always have to dig around for our characters’ motivation.”– Kate McIntyre, actress, writer, webseries producer
“Want you to know that I really appreciated the course! I know I’ve got a way to go to truly become a deeply ‘soulful’ screenwriter, and I now feel like I can at least imagine that possibility.”– David Sawicki, musician, music educator, developing a webseries



Oceanside, CA – address provided by email on sign up
Vista, CA – THE FILM HUB for select session/s


Laurie Lamson
Laurie is a respected writer, creative catalyst and screenplay/story consultant. She has written 110 produced film, video and audio scripts for education, entertainment and marketing projects – including a multi-award winning feature film. Laurie was co-author/editor of Now Write! Screenwriting, has created and led numerous writing workshops and served as the International Screenwriters’ Association teleconference host for four years. Learn more about Laurie and her work at JazzyMaE Media.

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