Now Write! Editor and Contributors Speak at Genre-LA Creative Writers Conference

Friday, October 22 – Saturday, October 30

Explore the Coming-of-Age Genre

Whether you’re writing a screenplay, stage-play, novel, or short story, “Coming-of-Age” is a classic popular genre that can stand alone or blend with other genres. Award-winning screenwriter, script consultant and Now Write! author/editor leads an exploration into sociological, psychological, and thematic elements that will deepen your understanding and spark your imagination about utilizing the “Coming-of-Age” to add emotional depth and resonance to your project.
Solo Speaker: Laurie Lamson
Friday October 29, 2021
5:00 PM Pacific Time

The Evolution of a Query Letter

In this class we will learn the essentials of composing an effective query letter for your book. We will discuss the proper length and format, what kinds of information agents want to know, what types of pitches are convincing and to avoid. Participants should bring draft query letters to the class. We will analyze and edit. We will also discuss how to go about researching and developing a list of agents for your submission.
J. A. Crawford
Debra Eckerling
Laurie Lamson
Tony N Todaro(M)
Saturday October 23, 2021
4:45 PM Pacific Time

Learn to Write Better Dialog for Your Novel by Drafting a Screenplay

Some writers complain that they can write a good novel, but their dialog between characters falls flat and can feel phony. Perhaps one good exercise is to write these scenes like a screenplay and then adapt the work to your novel. Conversations must flow organically between characters, and never feel forced or stilted. Characters feel more real when they communicate more like real people, and not just for the sake of exposition. This panel will discuss the pros and alternative methods to achieve conversational success.
Christine Conradt (Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributor)
Devo Cutler-Rubenstein (Now Write! Screenwriting and Now Write! Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror contributor)
Laurie Lamson
Michael Tabb
Sara Anne Fox(M)
Sunday October 24, 2021
4:45 PM Pacific Time

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